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Effective Briefing Skills and Techniques

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Developing effective briefing skills is a must for anyone seeking to bring their career to the next level. This briefing skills workshop develops the presentation techniques professionals use to quickly deliver key information, influence others and earn respect. 


Effective verbal communications skills are of vital importance in any government or business organization. This course helps participants display confidence and poise when called upon to deliver an address.


Learn to make your point with clarity and brevity.


The briefing skills developed in this workshop will help you give clear, concise presentations to superiors, teams, customers and others. Whether your briefing is planned, or an impromptu presentation, this course will develop the skills you need.


Effective speaking skills are a coveted asset. While you may not want to make public speaking a career, your career will benefit from strong presentation skills. Participants will receive individual coaching and their final presentation can be videotaped and critiqued to help them develop and enhance their skills.

The course provides timely, relevant information and is designed to improve skills immediately for long-term results. We use interactive discussions and practical exercises to bring the training to life. New skills are practiced and everyone discovers how to apply them in various situations.


The training materials include valuable tips and checklists to equip participants with the tools to present highly professional briefings and presentations of all types.


Who Should Attend

Anyone interested in sharpening their pubic speaking and presentation preparation skills. By the end of the workshop, participants will be able to develop and deliver an effective briefing with greater confidence, credibility and presence.

Training Benefits


  • Overcome the jitters of public speaking
  • Analyze their audience
  • Use the appropriate approach for the topic and the situation
  • Organize persuasive and informational presentations
  • Use a template to quickly construct an effective presentation in any situation 
  • Use voice and body language for greater impact
  • Use visuals effectively
  • And much more…

Overview of Concepts and Deliverables Provided


  • What is a briefing? 
  • Types of presentations 
  • Knowing your audience 
  • Briefing preparation checklist 
  • Defining the objective and building the message 
  • Preparing the presentation 
  • Preparing and using visuals 
  • Explore impact of body, voice and visual aids to enhance presentation skills 
  • Do’s and Don’ts of PowerPoint and other visuals 
  • Using your environment to your advantage 
  • Techniques for overcoming presentation anxiety 
  • Effective delivery skills 
  • Using a simple model for organizing a persuasive or informational presentation 
  • Giving different types of briefings
    • Informative briefing
    • Persuasive briefing
    • Call-to-action briefing 
    • Entertaining briefing 
  • Making supporting statements and claims 
  • Using transitions, pivots and so-what's to enhance briefing impact
  • Practice writing and delivering
    • Transitions
    • Pivots
    • So-what's
  • How and when to use humor
  • Handling questions (including hostile questions) 
  • Practicing your briefing
  • Different ways to begin a briefing – what will work for you and the situation
  • Opening statement 
  • Apply voice and body language techniques that will work for you
  • Ways to improve clarity in your briefing 
  • Making it memorable and persuasive 
  • Concluding with impact and a call to action
  • Use an impromptu briefings checklist

Bring this briefing skills seminar to your organization and begin applying these powerful techniques immediately. Participants leave this session with necessary skills to deliver clear, concise briefings to clients, coworkers, executives and groups of all types.

To receive more information about this training call toll free at 877-385-5515. 

You may also email us at


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All of Alliance’s programs are customized to fit your organization's unique requirements. Plus, our training is 100% guaranteed.  We will make certain your training targets your people and your organization's needs.

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