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Alliance Training is an industry leader providing corporate training services to Fortune 500 companies, small businesses, and government agencies. 

Our proven training solutions deliver highly interactive training to engage the learner, make learning fun and make the learning points "stick."

By submitting a Proposal Request, one of our training managers will help you bring the right program to your organization for an awesome learning experience. 

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Online Learning with Alliance

Alliance offers a wide selection of business and professional development courses available for online learning.

By creating an account in our user-friendly system, you can select, purchase, and begin using any of our online courses immediately. We accept payment through our secure PayPal system.

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New CourseConflict Management - Working Through Differences

This newly reformatted conflict management workshop develops communication skills to resolve conflict and helps people work through difficult and challenging situations effectively.

In this highly interactive course, participants learn not to sidestep or fear conflict but to manage it. Practical examples, realistic scenarios and experiential exercises help participants learn – and practice - proven techniques to resolve differences.

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"Abusive Conduct" Training Required

Effective January 1, 2015, California employers are required to include an "abusive conduct" to sexual harassment training for supervisory employees. The new law, AB 2053, makes prevention of "abusive conduct" a required component of the sexual harassment training required under AB1825. 

The new law does not create a private right of action for abusive conduct…But it does require supervisory personnel be trained on the prevention of abusive conduct in the workplace.

Alliance Training’s onsite workplace harassment programs include the “abusive conduct” issue…"a discussion of the detrimental consequences" and "specifically” addresses the elements of abusive conduct. Read more…

"</Interactive Training for Government Agencies

By providing highly interactive learning experiences, Alliance Training has rapidly become a leader in providing training to federal, state and local agencies throughout the US. Our best-value training solutions save time, and leave more budget to achieve your agency’s mission.

Our trainers have a proven ability to provide our government clients the insight and experience needed to practical training to administrative, professional, managerial and technical staffs.

Call us today. Learn how we can help you meet your training needs.

GSA Contract Training Information


Corporate Training Strategies and Proven Training Solutions

Our employee training and development courses are offered in both instructor-led and online eLearning formats in a wide variety of business topics.

Been There Done That.

Our training facilitators are true subject matter experts with yours of experience in their training area.

Training Targeted to Your needs.

Find the training topic you are interested in and we will help you select the program that specifically targets your learning objectives. Our content is tailored to your organization, and your learners’ level of experience.

Interactive Training Engages the Learner.

No boring lectures here! Our Interactive learning incorporates exercises, cases, interactive discussion and real-world process examples to engage the learner and create a positive learning environment. We’ve found adults learn best when they are involved and enjoying the learning process. So we make learning fun and relevant.

Transfer Classroom Learning to On-The-Job Behavior.

Simply put, Learning Transfer can be defined as the ability of a learner to successfully apply the behavior, knowledge, and skills learned in the classroom to the job with a result in performance improvement. We have done a lot work to refine our training design and delivery methodology to enhance the transfer of learning. We work with you to match your training needs and objectives with the proper content and right facilitator to make training “stick.”

Well trained, engaged and motivated employees are well equipped to achieve both personal and organizational goals.

Guaranteed Training

Our training is guaranteed to meet your expectations. With our exclusive 100% money-back guarantee, there’s no risk! So give us a call now!

The Bottom Line

Well trained employees lead to better performance, higher productivity, less employee turnover and reduced expenses for an organization.


There is a measurable difference in professional training companies. 

We welcome the opportunity to demonstrate how Alliance can best serve your organization.

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