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Change Management Training Seminars and Workshops

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Change Management Seminars and Workshops

Our onsite change management training seminars and workshops develop critical management and leadership skills to manage the change process effectively. 

Leading change is an essential management skill every manager and supervisor needs to develop. Resistance to change can challenge trust, erode loyalty, limit productivity and stall the change process. These seminars and workshops train leaders how to introduce change, overcome resistance to change, and facilitate open and honest change communication to implement changes with a minimum amount of conflict and reduced periods of low productivity.

These onsite change management seminars and workshops provide management training to help managers, change leaders and others view change as an opportunity. The interactive training format helps managers discover how to create an environment that embraces change and develop the skills to implement proven change management solutions to lead people through the change process successfully. 

Whether your group is large or small, Alliance has the right trainer and the right change management seminar or workshop for you and your managers leading the change process.  

Call us today at 877-385-5515 or click here to request more information on a program tailored to your specific needs.

Onsite Change Management Training Course Outlines

Leadership Through Change Leadership Through Change
Problem-Solving Skills for Change Leaders Problem-Solving Skills for Change Leaders
Strategic Planning for Success Strategic Planning for Success
Creative Leadership (a 2-day Leadership Workshop) Creative Leadership

Organizational Change Management Curriculum Development and Consulting Services 

The Alliance-Merit Process

For major organizational change projects, take advantage of our change process consulting and change management curriculum development services. Alliance-Merit Process provides a cost effective change management process and training solution for your entire organization. Click on the link above to learn more about this change management service and view a short video on the change management process for organizations.   

For additional information, email us at:

Featured Trainers in Change Management

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All of Alliance’s programs are customized to fit your organization's unique requirements. Plus, our training is 100% guaranteed.  We will make certain your training targets your people and your organization's needs.

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